Financing options

We have direct financing plans in which you can finance up to 100% of the cost or partial payments to Months WITHOUT Interest with participating bank cards.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Brain Tumor Treatments

  • More than 98% of patients require only 4 days maximum throughout the surgical process, including recovery within the hospital.
  • The patient returns walking to their home.
  • Patients reintegrate into their normal life in less than one month.
  • Surgeries do not result in any wounds on the face.
  • Our success rate in the treatment of brain tumors and pituitary tumors has been above 98% over the last decade.

What includes?

4 days of hospitalization with Surgical Instruments and Hospital Supplies according to the contracted package.

Medical fees:
  • Neurosurgeon.
  • Neuro-Anesthesiologist.
  • Two assistant surgeons.
  • Instrumentalist nurse.

You can choose the term that suits you best, we have plans from 12 to 36 Months WITHOUT Interest*!

  • With participating bank cards, the number of months applies depending on the amount to be paid by card.
  • Prices for first-time surgery. Subject to credit approval and preferential rate. Example based on credit with the best available rate. Subject to change without notice.
  • The financing does not include the treatment of complications, comorbid diseases or pathologies, or procedures outside the contracted surgical package.

Financing plans

  • Alivio Capital
  • Salud Fácil

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